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---Mrs. Dawn Rudnansky has joined the St. Aloysius Catholic School family as Associate Director.  

Mrs. Rudnansky worked in several capacities over her eight years at St. Edward’s School in Stafford, CT, before it closed its doors this past June.  Roberta McQuaid, the Director of St. Aloysius Catholic School explained “The conversation started after the school graciously offered to donate technology, text books, gym supplies and more to St. Aloysius.  I talked to the principal, MaryAnne Pelletier, about whether or not she knew of anyone willing to assist with the administration of our blossoming school and she did!  Much to my delight, Mrs. Rudnansky comes with an impressive resume that includes teaching Religion and middle school math, leading the before school program, tutoring reading for Title One services, directing a community service program as well as organizing multiple fundraisers for the school.  Before coming to the St. Edward’s Mrs. Rudnansky had twenty-nine years in the business sector, fifteen of which as a Marketing Manager.  No doubt she will be an amazing addition to our staff, and on multiple levels!.  Her letters of reference were unlike any I have ever read! Praise resounded for her abilities as a teacher and spiritual leader, citing  a “get-it-done attitude” and a “hysterical sense of humor” as two of her many attributes.  I can’t wait for our students and their parent to meet her.”
St. Aloysius School, 52 Church Street (at end of Convent St),
P.O. Box 522, Gilbertville, MA 01031

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